What we do


↓   Save & sterile

Save & sterile

We offer our clients a safe and sterile environment, using universal standards and precaution.
All equipment is sterilized with hospital grade autoclaves and all needles are “SINGLE USE ONLY”.

↓   Cover up

Cover up

We also pride ourselves in tattoo restoration, either repairing old or poorly done designs
… or covering them up with a new tattoo.

No ideas?
Our specialty is original custom tattoos that you can design with your artist. You can bring in your own drawing or choose from over 1000 designs.

↓   Quality & fair prices

Quality & fair prices

Remember, great work is not cheap … it´s priceless.
Tattoos are a lifelong investment in your skin…
Don´t get “suckered” in by the cheapest price!
We offer quality work at a fair price for you AND your artist.

Meet the artists

  • Wayan Abuth Suryana

    See his work »

    Starting at the age of 15, Abuth has been a professional tattoo artist. He is well known for his award winning traditional and realistic style. Abuth has opened his first tattoo studio in Bali in 1997. After a second one in Kuta he opened the "AS-Tattoo Gallery" in Germany (Obertshausen).

Team Bali

Made Asthara (Wok)
Owner AS Tattoo Bali

Nyoman Wijana (Manku)
Piercing man

Wayan Suparta
Staff / all around

Ketut Dharma santika (Sunat)
Piercing man / all around

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