What we do


↓   Save & sterile

Save & sterile

We offer our clients a safe and sterile environment, using universal standards and precaution.
All equipment is sterilized with hospital grade autoclaves and all needles are “SINGLE USE ONLY”.

↓   Cover up

Cover up

We also pride ourselves in tattoo restoration, either repairing old or poorly done designs
… or covering them up with a new tattoo.

No ideas?
Our specialty is original custom tattoos that you can design with your artist. You can bring in your own drawing or choose from over 1000 designs.

↓   Quality & fair prices

Quality & fair prices

Remember, great work is not cheap … it´s priceless.
Tattoos are a lifelong investment in your skin…
Don´t get “suckered” in by the cheapest price!
We offer quality work at a fair price for you AND your artist.

Meet the artists

  • Wayan Abuth Suryana

    See his work »

    Starting at the age of 15, Abuth has been a professional tattoo artist for 30 years. He is well known for his award winning traditional and realistic style. Abuth has opened his first tattoo studio in Bali in 1997. Today he owns two studios in Indonesia and one in Germany (Obertshausen) called "AS-Tattoo Gallery".

  • Agung Putra

Team Bali

Made Asthara (Wok)
Staff / all around

Nyoman Wijana (Manku)
Piercing man

Wayan Suparta
Staff / all around

Ketut Dharma santika (Sunat)
Piercing man / all around

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